Sad Songs and Other Natural Disasters

by Brian Combs

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released August 26, 2016

Recorded at Shangri-La Studios Lexington, KY



all rights reserved


Brian Combs Lexington, Kentucky

Jackson, Kentucky native Brian Combs is set to release his official debut album Sad Songs and Other Natural Disasters via Shaker Steps Records (Lexington, KY) on 8/26/16. If we are what we eat, or in this case listen to, Brian has fed himself on heavy doses of Prine, Drive-By Truckers and anything else that leans towards well crafted heartfelt lyrics with a driving beat and little country twang. ... more

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Track Name: A Little Misunderstood
I’d sell my soul to get you back but the devil ain’t buying,
and by your conspicuous absence I guess neither are you
You probably think that I’m driving and crying
Chasing after you but that’s far far from true
Cause in five miles, and three more songs, six more tokes, I’ll be on back home
Feeling fine, feeling good, feeling like I’m a little misunderstood

This old ride ain’t near as sad, it aint nearly half as bad as I thought it would be
Maybe I’m just going crazy, quite possibly hallucinating that you’re sitting right there next to me
Laughing and joking like we used to, Eyes a little red but no one’s blue
It’s like old times for just a little while
Chorus 2:
Cause in five miles, and three more songs, six more tokes, I’ll be on back home
Feeling fine, feeling good, feeling like I’m a little misunderstood

Chorus 3:
Cause in five miles, and three more songs, six more tokes, I’ll be on back home
Four curves, too many hills, Tom Petty sings “you don’t know how it feels”
Feeling fine, feeling good, feeling like I’m a little misunderstood
Track Name: Lament For A Hurricane
I’ve been told of three chords and the truth
But I needed a minor chord, cause there was something darker in you
I’ve been told the life you live isn’t always the life you choose
Ain’t it funny how many words rhyme with lose
Misplaced Affection is a close kin to aggression
Disparity is a mistress with sad feelings to spare
Its not always easy to discern what should be your main concern
When you’re caught up in a hurricane and you’re not even aware

I thought this love would turn out like the movies
And I guess it did cause all movies don’t have a happy end
Girl you were the star and you were a beauty
And an actress like you I will never meet again

You know you could have been a great author
With one too many main characters in the fold
A poet the likes of Geoffrey Chaucer
But lies are the only tales you ever told
Track Name: The Snow
This old house ain’t as lonely as you think it would be
These fears and these doubts make grand company
Am I dying, or just dying to be
Someone who ain’t me
But the snow keeps falling
Whispering what I’ve become
A song dead and frozen
And there’s nothing left to be but numb

Time is crawling and so is my skin
I swore to God I wouldn’t do it again but I lied
When my luck is up and they lay me down, whisper my name all over that town
Know that I tried, I tried

I’m not saying I’m old now
But damn if I’m not older than before
I’m pretty sure I’m drowning
In the shallows so close to shore
Track Name: Featherless Appendages
I wake up each morning to a soup can serenade
Today is tomato condensed
There’s an Egyptian diorama on the coffee table
A pack of Camels and a beer can pyramid
I open the soup can and I turn on the hotplate
And watch the coil’s orangey glow
There once was a time I’d try to find me a hot date
But that was many years ago
If life was whiskey I would drink it down
And if I had wings I would fly
But these featherless appendages keep me on the ground
And life ain’t whiskey it’s life

I once knew a girl who seemed as sweet as could be
I gave her the keys to my heart
But when she’d take it out she’d never fill it back up
Then she sold it to a chop shop for parts
Pining for a girl who ain’t nothing but trouble
Ought to be its own brand of insane
It’s like doing the same thing over and over
Expecting something different than pain

Now I spend most my time watching lead paint peeling
Watching the cracks start to show
I got four walls and a floor and a ceiling
The same as a con on death row
But before that con takes his long walk to the needle
Before he has his talk with the priest
He’ll get whatever he wants for his last meal
But I’ll have a tomato soup feast
Track Name: Mainline
Woke up on the wrong side of bed and it’s a shame cause the other sides against the wall
The sun breaking through the window is howling like a banshee down the hall
Don’t act so surprised to see this ghost, you shouldn’t be surprised at all
In a corner of your heart you were always preparing for the fall
You had to know I’d burn it all down in time
You had to know I’d eventually throw all these pearls to swine
Don’t go placing blame for I know, now it’s all mine
You take the pain however it helps you, I’ll take it mainline

It’s hell or high water, Its always one or both of them
It’s a lie to say that we can still be friends
It’s a joke to think this thing will ever be right again
It’s the kind of thing that happens, every now and then
Track Name: Like Gasoline
She couldn’t stand to be alone She couldn’t stand to be with me
So I watched her walk away in ¾ time
And every single next time of mine turned into a used to be
And there was no little voice to tell me it’d be fine
All the he done me wrongs, sad love songs, and other natural disasters
Crashed against the rocks upon my shore
So I just turned out the flame in my light house, and told’em to roll in faster
Never seen so many things break so fast before
It’s the damndest thing I’ve ever encountered
It’s the damndest thing my eyes have ever seen
How something so sweet and pretty as a flower
Could burn it to the ground like gasoline, like gasoline

All my explanations might as well have been lies
I guess they were as far as she’s concerned
But it’s hard to walk a straight road when you keep on moving the lines
And you’re in the middle of the bridge when it starts to burn
Well there’s something kinda funny in the ache of letting go
Of a storm that just begs you to dance out in the rain
And the pain is like an old friend, someone that you know
That says, “man, you knew I’d be back this way again”

Track Name: She Thinks That I'm Her Stone
She thinks that I’m her stone
With a solid vein of gold
Through my heart
So I pretended I was strong
Though I knew that it was wrong
From the start
If rock bottom is all you know
Then it’s a quarry not a hole
When you fall
You can’t drag your conscience out
From a slurry pond of doubt
In your soul
She thinks that I’m her stone
She thinks that I’m her stone

My father died alone
Like a caged bird that had flown
From itself
He said son you’ll follow me
It’s in the blood this strange disease
That we share
And it’s the things that you hold close
The things you can’t let go
That pull you down
That’s why you don’t remember names
And you have no fear of flames
If you drown
Repeat chorus
Track Name: Train Wreck (Quite Like You)
Removing all these demons is a monumental task
When in misery you don’t wallow, but prefer to bask
Maybe someday when I’m still I will remove this mask
And the world will see, it will see
That I’m the kind of man who likes to watch a train wreck every now and then
Sit in anticipation for the demise coming round the bend
The only skies noticed are gray
Interested in a different kind of blue
Happiness doesn’t hold my attention quite like you

Scary is comfort in darkness and rooting for the end
Knowing a broken ladder is the only one to ascend
I’m not sure there’s anything that’s left here to mend
And that’s just fine, it’s all fine

When the TV light flickers off and the screen goes black
And the only thing you see is your own eyes staring back
You feel the rumble of the driving wheel coming off the track
And you smile, you just smile
Track Name: Bury The Weeds
I’ll never forget that chill, the first time I heard Taps play over the hill
Up the holler where they laid my papaw low, when I was just too young to know
He survived the Pacific in 43 and so much more, fought his own demons in a personal war
He died alone on a cold hardwood floor, when I was just too young to know
Papaw, he came to me the other night in a dream
It was so real it awoke me from my sleep when he said, “son you better listen to me”
Chorus 1
Sometimes we do like our fathers done, And there ain’t no doubt, you’re your father’s son
Reap what you sew, but bury the weeds when you plow, boy you’re old enough to know better now

I’ll always remember that day he died, daddy sat at the kitchen table and cried
Face pressed in his hands as if some way to hide, what I was just too young to know
A tablecloth field of daisies caught my daddy’s tears, and his eyes that day aged twenty years
I didn’t really understand his sadness or his fears, I was just too young to know
Chorus 2
Sometimes we do like our fathers done, and we realize we’re our fathers son
Reap what we sew, bury the weeds when we plow, when we’re old enough to know better now

Twenty five years later, my fathers living alone, and I’ve got myself a young son of my own
He can’t see it, but he’s us right to the bone, he’s just too young to know
Chorus 2